FAQs/ Parking/ Hotel Packages

Addison Kaboom Town! Watch Parties
June 18, 2019
Air Show
June 28, 2019

FAQs/ Parking/ Hotel Packages


Have a question about what you can bring to Addison Kaboom Town! or about re-entering Addison Circle Park? Find out all the answers to your questions on our FAQs page.

Free Parking

This is one of the most popular questions we receive. There is free parking available at the following garages. Make sure to plan and arrive early to get a spot!

Hotel Packages

Purchase an Addison Kaboom Town! hotel package! They’re the best deal and the best seat in town for July 3 around here. Get an Addison-branded picnic blanket and GUARANTEED admission into Addison Circle Park, even at capacity. And the best part? You can beat the traffic after the show by walking “home.” Hotel rates start as low as $65/night, so book your room now!