Air Show

Kaboom Town! Air Show 2017

Jack Pyland and the Red River Skydivers will open the show
Mike Gallaway, Extra 300 - link
Chet Kuhn, Pitts S-1T - link
Randy Henderson, Taylorcraft BC-12D
"Texas T-cart" - link
Day Flights (Non-Aerobatic)
Eric Stroud, T-37 Tweet - link
Nathan Hammond Ghostwriter - link
Cavanaugh Flight Museum may fly their PT-17 Stearman,
PT-19 Cornell, CV-2 Caribou, or the C-47, OV-1 Mohawk, AD-5 Skyraider, FM-2 Wildcat
or P-51 Mustang - link. Cavanaugh also coordinates other aircraft, including several T-6 Texans
(not all owned by CFM) and T-34A Mentors that fly formation flights.
Night Flights
Dan Buchanan, North Wing motorized hang glider with pyrotechnics - link
Nathan Hammond Ghostwriter - link
George Cline - Link